What We Believe


We are the captain of the ship steering our way through the choppy waves and the different surprises that markets bring. The entire team aims to have full transparency in our investment processes and stick through thick and thin with our clients who will have clear insights to all our investment decisions. Moving forward, we aim to promote trust through radical transparency and truth towards all our counterparts which attracts more to hop onboard and join us on our search for the holy grail of investing.

We are a group of experienced investment professionals bonded by common fate. We bring together knowledge from sovereign wealth fund, hedge fund, fintech & real businesses to synthesize the next stage of fund management. Our team has a combined tenure of more than 100 years of investment and financial experience and we are eager to journey with you as the financial world evolves!



Our team is multi-racial and we respect diversity of views as we build on each other’s strength and create the next big idea. We enjoy helping each other to be the best he/she can be and working hand-in-hand in our family-like environment.

We believe strongly in being transparent in our firm and to our clients. We are convinced that this will breed a new internal way of collaboration without the bureaucracy. In doing so, the direct approach which stems from our corporate culture will in turn cultivate client trust and relationship in an enduring and lasting manner.



What We Provide

Global Network

We have significant business associates in various emerging markets including Philippines, Panama and China/HK. We are affiliated with a licensed private equity firm in China.

Multiple Access

We are affiliated with a proprietary trading firm as well as an IT consultancy company which extends our reach into fintech as well as latest online trends.


We are establishing External Asset Management (EAM) relationship with top-tier private banks where the assets will remain with the banks and a tripartite relationship exists between the client, the bank and us. We are establishing our managed accounts where the accounts are secured under the client’s’ own name.