Legacy Active Multi-Asset

Dios Legacy Active Managed Account (LAMA) is a Global Macro discretionary fund that trades into various asset classes. The allocation includes Equities, Fixed Income, Leveraged FX and Cryptocurrencies with derivatives as a market hedge to generate diversified returns. The strategy identifies asymmetric risk-reward opportunities and utilizes a variety of models that overlay fundamental and technical analysis of the global macro environment to determine optimal entry points while maintaining a strict set of risk management guidelines.

Asset Allocation Fund

Dios Diversified Allocation Fund is an asset allocation fund that aims to diversify across major markets, asset classes and strategies, to achieve an optimal risk-adjusted return that could withstand different business and market cycles. The implementation using selected actively traded ETFs in Equities, Bonds and Cash ensure maximum diversification and liquidity. Regular tracking of asset and country mix coupled with rebalancing ensures a constant balanced exposure that aims to achieve optimal returns with minimal volatility.

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